Torre Marina is a stilysh bathhouse in Ardea, a beach city near Rome. It is a beautiful place, perfect if you are looking for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. You can admire the “dune”, a special vegetation that only grows on the coasts of Lazio: plants with colourful flowers and wonderful butterflies. They have purple wings with red points. This natural paradise was also the background of several movie scenes.

The first film here shooted was “Storie sulla sabbia” (Stories on the sand) on 1962, directed by Riccardo Fellini, the brother of the most famous italian film director Federico Fellini. Film is about a group of friends, young couples who lived here their love.
In the 1991 Marco Ferreri chose the beach of Torre Marina to make the movie “La Carne” with the beautiful Francesca Dellera and the famous italian actor Sergio Castellitto. An original film of sex. The protagonists spent their time in lovers meeting and eating. The film has a sad end because the woman got tired of him and so he attempted suicide. The film has a surprise ending.
In 1993 another movie was shot at the beach where Torre Marina resort is located. It is “Diario di un vizio” with the comedian Gerry Calà and the beautiful Sabrina Ferilli. The favorite scene from the critics was the final scene, when Gerry Calà ate shrimps and went away dancing. Well, he was eating Shrimps on the terrace of Torre Marina’s restaurant!
The bathhouse was built in 1963 and founded by a group of fishermen, in particular by a fisherman named “Pilone” infact, the first name of the bathhouse was “Da Pilone”.

From 1 December 2013 until today the Torre Marina Company renovated completely the bathhouse and now it is a beatuful beach resort, perfect for families, especially with children because it is a safe place. The bathhouse is located inside a private residential area. From June a lot of grandparents spend their time with their nephews here.
The sunseats are light blue and loungers and brach cheirs are white and very confortables, more than other sunseats. From 2019 Torre Marina’s bathhouse was named by local newspapers “la perla di Tor San Lorenzo” (The perl of Tor San Lorenzo). 

If you want to spend your holiday at Torre Marina, you can visit a lot of interesting places: you can admire the “pomposa”, the most beautiful Tower of Lazio coast, designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1570.
In the summer, until today, the princess Sforza Cesarini lived into the tower.

You can visit also the San Pietro Apostolo and Santa Marina churches, in romanesque style, and the wonderful Gardens of Landriana, disegned the famous architect Russel Page and also the Manzù Museum with the works of the sculptor Manzù.
If you continue along the coast you can get to the Grotte di Nerone of Anzio or Astura where there is another older Tower. You can reach the near cities by car and visit the Port of Anzio and the medieval Village of Nettuno.
At Torre Marina’s Restaurant, you can eat seafood specialties, cooked according to the italian tradition, but you can also order pizza and other healthy food.